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    3 Comfort Foods that Will Make You Forget About Winter

    The winter months can be cold and lonely, but that’s nothing that a little home cooking can’t fix. It’s easy to warm up when you’ve got the right ingredients in your kitchen, and we’ve got a feeling that friends and neighbors will be happy to brave the harsh weather if you’re cooking something with a little bit of southern love.

    Isle Casino® Hotel Bettendorf has a few ideas that might help you pass the time until the warmer days are back again, and we think that a few quick and easy recipes might do just the trick. Check out these three enjoyable concoctions that will keep you cozy in the kitchen.

    1. Buttermilk Biscuits

    In the South, no breakfast is complete without flaky, buttery biscuits. Actually, some might argue that no southern meal, regardless of time of day, is complete without them. Don’t buy store-bought canned biscuits when you can opt to make your own. This biscuit recipe takes only five ingredients, and you can amp it up any way you’d like. We promise; it’s worth the effort.

    2. Super Creamy Mac and Cheese

    Spicy Southern Kitchen offers a Super Creamy Mac And Cheese recipe that is insanely rich and delicious. With one taste, you’re sure to be hooked. Make this delectable dish as either as a side or a main course, and you’ll have requests to make over and over again. Three types of cheese gives this recipe a whole lot of cheese flavor, and you can spice it up even more with some hot sauce.

    3. 30-Minute Chili

    Chili doesn’t have to take all day! This half-hour chili recipe will have you enjoying the warmth and deliciousness of a winter classic in no time. It’s a simple-to-make chili recipe that only has six ingredients, but based on its slow-cooked flavor, you’d never know!

    If you’re trapped inside this winter, these recipes are so simple, and the results are so delicious, that recreating them almost seems like a no-brainer. If the roads are clear, though, skip all the cooking and cleaning and head to Isle Casino® Hotel Bettendorf, where you can dine on a home-style meal at Keller’s® American Grill, Keller’s® Express, Farmer’s Pick Buffet® or The Lone Wolf®!

    With dining options like these, Isle Casino® Hotel Bettendorf will be your home away from home this winter. Keller’s® American Express offer classics with modern twists and big flavors. Farmer’s Pick Buffet® partners with local farmers and regional growers to provide guests with the freshest meals around, and The Lone Wolf® is a terrific place to either take in live entertainment or the big game.

    No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll never have to worry about leaving the premises to enjoy it.
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