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    5 Fun Ways to Spend a Jackpot

    A day of casino gaming offers entertainment and excitement for players at every level. At the Isle Casino® Bettendorf, we welcome gamers from all walks of life, who arrive ready to test their luck in extensive range of games, contests and promotions. While many come with a plan of what to play, not everyone comes with a plan on how to spend their jackpot wins. If you're coordinating a trip to Isle Casino Bettendorf, come prepared with a few fun ways to spend your earnings, no matter what size jackpot you hit.

    1. Shopping Spree
    Two words encompass a universal way to celebrate a casino win: shopping spree. A little retail therapy works for everyone for a variety of reasons. First, whether you've hit it big, or managed to win some extra spending money, you can still enjoy a day out spending it. Also, we all have some frivolous items on our wish list that we'd love to have, but can't justify taking it out of the budget. With a jackpot win, you can spend away without worry.

    2. Home Improvements
    Home updates often fall into the "someday" checklist while we focus on other financial responsibilities. However, your casino cash can turn someday into today. Consider your total prize money to determine what type of upgrades makes sense. From a fresh coat of paint and wall hangings to larger projects such as bath and kitchen renovations, you'll have a blast redefining living spaces with your earnings.

    3. Plan a Trip
    Bust out your bucket list (you know you have one) and look at some of the places you'd like to visit if you had the money to finance the trip. Now is the perfect time to start planning. Go beyond pinpointing a destination and research all there is to see and do there. Consider restaurants, attractions and historical landmarks to piece together a unique itinerary that allows you to see everything that piques your interest. Whether you want to keep it fairly local and explore a new piece of your corner of the world, or envision a once-in-a-lifetime excursion, your casino prize can prove an ideal way to make your travel dream a reality.

    4. Buy a Special Meal
    We all have a fancy restaurant that we'd love to try, but simply can't justify the expense. All that changes when you bring home a casino jackpot. It's okay to get a little impractical and raise the spending cap on your normal dining out allotment. Splurge and check out the hottest eatery in town. Buy that meal you've been dying to sample. Your taste buds will thank you!

    5. Treat Your Friends
    Nothing feels better than sharing an unexpected windfall with family and friends. Best of all, deciding to include your inner circle in the celebration opens up virtually endless options and opportunities. Bring them along on any of the aforementioned jackpot spending suggestions. (Seriously, who in your crew wouldn't love a shopping spree, getaway or delectable dinner out?) Or come up with your own creative ways to lavish them with a little casino winning love and attention. Shop for an individual gift for each of them that you know they'll appreciate, plan a time for everyone to enjoy a spa day, or buy tickets to see the hottest show in town. If you really want to shower a little generosity in their direction, consider dividing up your earnings for a casino day together. It's the perfect way to guarantee a day of fun and laughs, all while increasing the odds that someone in your group will win a jackpot of their own, which will naturally be shared with you in some way, of course.

    Visit Isle Casino Bettendorf Today
    Remember, you can't hit a jackpot if you don't play the game! Visit Isle Casino Bettendorf today and decide which events and games suit you and your crew's interests. Opt for traditional pursuits such as slots, table games, video poker and baccarat. Or, participate in some of our thrilling summer promotions. Big Little Move Giveaways, Speed Gaming and Free Stay Giveaway are just a few of the ways you can hit the jackpot at Isle Casino Bettendorf.

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