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    7 Things You Didn't Know About The Beach Boys

    When it comes to iconic American bands, few compare with the Beach Boys. First formed in 1961, this California group developed its own unique sound that's made an impact on not one, but several generations. Today, the group still touts impressive influence, both with fans as well as with modern musicians who have emulated the band's distinctive style.

    Over 50 years later, while we may know all the words to our favorite Beach Boys songs, there are still some surprising facts about this California rock band. Here are 7 things you may not know about the Beach Boys

    Not Always the Beach Boys
    It's hard to imagine the American music scene without The Beach Boys. However, this almost happened. The band originally called themselves the Pendletons. They also considered other monikers such as Kenny and the Cadets as well as Carl and the Passion. We can all agree that the Beach Boys was the right choice.

    Pet Sounds Stands the Test of Time
    Sure, we all know fan-favorite Beach Boys' songs that have stood the test of time, but some of us may not realize that one of the band's albums has endured generations as one of the best rock albums ever. It's true; Pet Sounds is still considered one of the best and most influential records ever. You don't have to take our word for it – Sir Paul McCartney of The Beatles has noted the impact Pet Sounds had on him as a musician.

    Brian Wilson Fought for His "Soul"
    We have all heard the legend and lure of founding member Brian Wilson. Wilson has earned his reputation as the band's most quirky and eccentric musician. However, sometimes Wilson's behavior is surprising…even for Wilson. Case in point: one of the executives at Brother Records (the band's label at the time) once painted a portrait of Brian and gifted it to the musician. Wilson was convinced that the portrait "captured" his soul…and was not happy about it. Brian was pretty vocally about his displeasure, eventually prompting the executive to quit Brother Records due to duress.

    They Had a Swear Jar
    As a new band, the Beach Boys had to uphold certain behaviors. When they failed, they were fined. Bandmates allegedly had to each pay $100 for cussing and $50 every time they were caught spending time with girls.

    Close Family Ties
    The fact that Dennis Wilson has been married six times in his life isn't unusual for a celebrity. What is unusual is that one of his brides was actually one of his relatives. He married Shawn Love, daughter of his cousin (and The Beach Boys bandmate) Mike Love. Love was not a fan of the match; the marriage caused a major rift between he and Wilson, eventually leading to mutual restraining orders.

    Don't Call Them "Oldies"
    The band is not particularly fond of the term "Oldies" when it comes to labeling their music. Concert riders for The Beach Boys demand the term be stricken from any marketing or promotional material, or used to describe their brand or logo in any way.

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