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    Fired Up: BBQ Facts around the World and Right at Home

    Around the world BBQ goes by many different names. You’ll see many different - and fascinating - techniques, but the end goal is the same: meat seasoned, cooked, and smoked to tender, delicious perfection. So how much do you know about BBQ… outside of your backyard?

    Worldwide BBQ Trivia
    From unusual cooking methods in Columbia to South Africa's grilling holiday; check out some of the things you might not know about the world's favorite methods of creating BBQ magic.

    • BBQ in South Africa is known as Braai, and like our use of the term BBQ, it can be used to describe the food as well as the activity. South Africans celebrate National Braai Day every September 24th.
    • In Columbia, beef tenderloin is wrapped in a towel and cooked on a bed of coals. It's known as Lomo al Trapo. The blackened towel is cut off and discarded before serving.
    • Indian Tandoori is cooked in a clay pot that is buried in the ground, with just the neck exposed.
    • Don't forget the nuts if you're planning a Lebanese-style barbecue - mixed nuts are a staple from appetizer to side dish with grilled meat kebabs.
    • Australians enjoy a good sausage more than they do the famed "shrimp on the barbie" - and keep it basic with just grilled onions, mustard, and a bun.
    • Korean BBQ features a grill set right into the middle of the table, where such favorites as galbi - short ribs, and bulgogi - marinated beef - are cooked.

    The Great American Cookout
    Americans take their BBQ seriously. Visit any city in America on any given weekend and you're likely to find someone firing up the BBQ. Here’s a fun fact; 33% of Americans even grill when it's below freezing outside according to Weber's Annual GrillWatch survey.

    BBQ styles and methods vary greatly across the nation - from the vinegar-based cooking and mustard sauces of Carolina-style barbecue, to a rack of Memphis-style ribs, to the sandpit cooked pork of the Hawaiian luau.

    Iowa's BBQ Traditions
    In Iowa, pork is king, and there's no better time than National Pork Month to try out a new recipe for barbecued pork. Here are some fun “did you knows” and a few ways to celebrate this pork-tastic month.

    • Iowa produces one-third of the nation's pigs, making it the number one producer in the U.S. That means you're likely to see Iowa-raised pork popping up in BBQ competitions across the country.
    • Iowa hosts the World Pork Expo each summer, which is attended by thousands of people and features exhibits and events all showcasing the thriving pork industry.
    • The Iowa Barbecue Society hosts multiple events and competitions across the state during the summer months.
    • Davenport, Iowa, is home to an annual Ribfest, where fans of BBQ ribs can taste the best from around the country.
    • Muddy Waters Blues & Barbecue hosts a yearly BBQ competition right in Bettendorf where amateur BBQ enthusiasts can face off.
    • National Pork Month is prime time for tasting great barbecue as restaurants celebrate; visitors can taste the best from the eateries at the Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf, which is featuring BBQ themed food in each of its restaurants all throughout the month.

    Enjoying BBQ Pork
    National Pork Month is the perfect time to turn to some of those slow-cooked, smoky pork recipes that make up some of the best BBQ around. Pork is perfectly suited to smoky cooking methods and is among the most tender of meats when cooked using low and slow BBQ methods.

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