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    Five Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season!

    The holidays are full of good food, friends, family and fond memories. Unfortunately, it is also a time that can come with a great deal of stress. After all, these events don't plan themselves. This holiday season, enjoy the best parts of the holiday without all of the hassle. Here are five tips for a stress-free holiday.

    1. Start Planning Well in Advance

    The more details you can plan ahead of time, the fewer surprises you'll have at the last minute. Secure the date and time and send out invitations at least a month in advance. Plan your menu and make your shopping list, including any extras you might need like table cloths, extra place settings and foods to accommodate special diets, at least two or three weeks in advance. Buy or borrow any extra dishes or cookware you will need a few days to a week in advance.

    2. Get Help
    If your schedule is packed full this year--and whose isn't?--it's okay to hire or ask for help. Hire a cleaning service to deep-clean your floors so you aren't up scrubbing baseboards at 1:00 a.m. the morning of the feast. Order a pre-cooked turkey or a few side dishes if you aren't confident in your cooking skills. Your guests won't care who cooked or cleaned, as long as they can get together for a delicious meal.

    3. Stick to the Classics
    While Thanksgiving and the other holidays may seem like the perfect chance to try out all of the new and exciting recipes you've been seeing all over Pinterest lately, if you want a low-stress Thanksgiving, you'll probably want to stick to the classic dishes that you know you can make well. If you must try something new, do a test-run in advance so there are no surprises. It's better to have a less-exciting classic version of a recipe that turns out well than a new version that turns out burnt, mushy or bland.

    4. Plan Out-of-the-House Activities
    If your family doesn't mind going without the traditional turkey dinner, you could always skip all the prep and do an alternate activity instead. For example, you might catch the Bee Gees tribute going on at Isle Casino Hotel® Bettendorf Saturday, November 29, or you might get started on your Black Friday shopping early this year. These kinds of activities provide entertainment and family togetherness time, without all of the hassle of prepping or cleaning up after.

    5. Let Someone Else Do the Cooking for You
    Of course, for most people, it simply wouldn't be the holidays without the traditional sit-down Thanksgiving or holiday meal. For a meal that everyone in the family is sure to love, why not try a Thanksgiving buffet this year?

    For only $16.99 each, you and your family can enjoy the Isle® Bettendorf special Thanksgiving Feast. Get all of your holiday favorites without any of the preparation, cooking, cleaning or stress! You just bring your friends and family in, and let us take care of the rest. We will prepare and provide a one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving experience you are sure to remember for a long time.

    Our special menu includes several options so no matter what you are in the mood for, we have just the dish for you. Start your dinner off with a great dish such as Bourbon Glazed Ham Steaks with roasted turnips and sweet potatoes, Roasted Whole Carved Turkey with sage dressing, Braised Red Wine Short Ribs, or Asian-Marinated Chicken Thighs with noodles. Looking for a healthy option? Try our Harvest Spinach Salad or our Turkey and Chicken Salad--two dishes that will make eating healthy fun again.

    As you're enjoying your meal, don't forget to save room for a slice of our savory Butter Pecan Cheesecake or our smooth Pumpkin Pie. One bite and you'll know why these two treats are Thanksgiving Day staples!

    Don't spend days cleaning your house or hours slaving over a hot stove for a meal that will take little more than 15 minutes to eat. After working hard all week, you deserve a relaxing break, and the holidays are the perfect time to get one. After all, you have enough things on your to-do list soon.

    This holiday season, become stress-free and learn how to truly enjoy the season and your family.

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