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Our 3 Favorite 80s Rock Bands!

Maybe it’s a power ballad or a rock anthem, but you hear an old favorite from the 80s on your radio and it takes you back in time. A time when long hair and tight jeans looked good on rock stars, and the only thing louder than the lead singer in an 80’s rock band concert was the screaming guitar. Here’s a look at three of our favorite bands from this unforgettable era.

1. Poison

Formed in Pennsylvania, Poison made the trip to Hollywood with the dream of making it big back in the mid-80s. They achieved that goal as their first album, Look What the Cat Dragged In, showcased their talent and introduced them to a legion of fans. The band’s second album spawned their biggest hit, “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”, a love ballad that made the female fans swoon. Still together after more than 20 years of making music, the band continues to perform to sold-out crowds.

2. Def Leppard

The band, Def Leppard, came together in Sheffield, England back in 1977. While they went through a few lineup changes, including the death of one of the early band members, the band has remained active ever since. They achieved their biggest success in the 1980s with the album Pyromania, followed by Hysteria. During this period, they played to sold out crowds every night. The women loved their powerful love songs like “Love Bites”, while the guys sang along to rock anthems like “Rock of Ages”. Def Leppard has sold over 100 million records worldwide with two albums each selling more than 10 million in the US alone.

3. Twisted Sister

One of the glam metal bands of the 1980s, Twisted Sister was a band which hailed from New Jersey and rose to worldwide success. Best known for their two major rock anthems, “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “I Wanna Rock,” the band was a hit with teens and young adults of the era. The biggest album was Stay Hungry, which featured both of their big hits. Part of the reason for their success and subsequent decline was due to the theme of conflict between kids and their parents and school. Their controversial songs gave voice to many kids of the time while the heavy makeup and glam look enabled them to stand apart from other acts.

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