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    Ten Facts about Beef

    Representing the largest single segment of agriculture in the United States, beef is an important part of the American dietary landscape. The bonus, of course is that beef is delicious! Help us celebrate our Roundin’ up the Beef specials at Isle Casino Hotel® Bettendorf with these ten fun facts about beef:

    1. Cows were introduced to the Americas by Christopher Columbus, who brought along some of the animals on his second voyage from Spain.

    2. 76 million Americans eat beef each day, and Memorial Day has the largest amount of beef consumption on any single day.

    3. 40-45% of all beef sold is ground beef, which includes grocery store ground beef, restaurant hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage and lunch meat.

    4. The hamburger debuted during the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair by Athens, Texas restaurateur Fletcher “Old Dave” Davis.

    5. The top two beef-producing countries are United States and Brazil, and Texas is the state that has the most beef cows. Brazil actually has more cows than people!

    6. Beef jerky is often thought to be expensive, but when you consider that ¾ of the original weight of the beef is lost during the smoking process, it doesn’t seem quite so bad!

    7. Corned beef is delicious. So much so that John Young, the pilot of Gemini 3, smuggled a corned beef sandwich on board the spacecraft.

    8. Beef is good for you. You’d have to eat at least three cups of spinach in order to obtain the same amount of iron that is in only three ounces of beef.

    9. The amount of beef produced from one steer is enough for 720 quarter-pound hamburgers.

    10. Beef is big business. In the United States alone there are over 800,000 cattle producers and ranchers.

    Hopefully all these facts have made you hungry. Come join us at our beef restaurants in Bettendorf with beef specials throughout October during our Roundin’ up the Beef event! We hope to see you soon at Isle Casino Hotel® Bettendorf!

    Enjoy these Farmer’s Pick Buffet® specials every week in October…

    • Mondays: Bacon Wrapped Sirloin
    • Tuesdays: House Smoked Heart of Iowa Sirloin
    • Wednesdays: One pound Choice T-bone Steak, available for add on for $10.00*
    • Thursdays: Farmer Brown Steak Kabobs
    • Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays: Prime Rib and Bourbon Kissed Short Ribs

    Enjoy our $12.99* lunch buffet and $16.99* dinner buffet Monday - Thursday, and our $13.99* lunch buffet and $19.99* dinner buffet every Saturday & Sunday!

    Stop by Keller’s Express® to enjoy our Roudin’ up the Beef specials…

    • Freak-out Philly, Fries & Coke Combo available for $6.99*
    • Big Beef Meatball Marinara Sub, Fries & Coke Combo available for $6.99*
    • Smoked Beef Brisket, Beans, Fries & Coke Combo available for $6.99*

    The Roudin’ up the Beef October special you won’t want to miss at Keller’s® American Grill…

    Try our delicious Bent River Brewing Company Uncommon Stout braised beef short ribs with beans and Keller’® American Grill own mac & cheese. We will also be serving our delicious appetizer of steak cut meatballs with smoked Gouda cheese, and offering a flight of ice cream from the Ice Cream Shoppe for dessert. Enjoy this meal and sweet treat for only $29.99*!

    *Tax and gratuity not included.
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