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    The Five Best Beatles Songs

    The Beatles are considered by some to be the greatest rock band of all time. From their origins as teen heartthrobs from Liverpool, England to their evolution as some of the most talented and visionary songwriters of their generation, The Beatles are true legends. Their catalog is so big, it’s hard to pick which songs are the tops, but we’ve given it a try. Is your favorite on our list of the five best Beatles songs?

    1. “I Want to Hold Your Hand”
    This 1963 single is the song that kicked off Beatlemania in the United States and around the world. This breakthrough hit is catchy, fun, and joyous. Though not as sophisticated as some of the other songs on this list, it might be fair to say that, without “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” The Beatles might not have been the worldwide sensation they were.

    2. “Penny Lane”
    John Lennon’s “Strawberry Fields Forever” and Paul McCartney’s “Penny Lane” are from The Beatles’ most creative and driven period. While The Beatles were about to start their “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” sessions, both McCartney and Lennon wrote a song meant to evoke their childhoods. The songs were released as a double A-side single that provides a window onto their upbringings in Liverpool.

    3. “Let it Be”
    This single was recorded during the most troubled times of The Beatles. Just a month after its 1970 release, the band had broken up. This track serves as somewhat of a farewell for the group, with its soul influences and haunting lyrics.

    4.”Strawberry Fields Forever”
    This is the companion piece to “Penny Lane,” with both songs calling back to their youth in Liverpool. “Strawberry Fields Forever” is named for Strawberry Field, a youth’s home that was near where Lennon grew up. Full of memories and recollections, this is a big hit of nostalgia channeled into brilliant lyrics and music.

    5. “A Day in the Life”
    The closing song on “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” this Lennon-McCartney collaboration pairs lyrics inspired by real life events with classical musicians performing a lush, vivid interlude. It’s beautiful in its uniqueness and the pinnacle of The Beatles’ songwriting genius.

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