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    The Stories Behind Your Favorite Beatles Hits

    Sure you know the words, but do you know the stories behind your favorite Beatles hits? You'll appreciate the innovative sound of the 1960s band even more once you know how some of their ideas came to life.

    "She's A Woman"
    The song "She's A Woman" came from Paul McCartney while he walked around St. John's Wood in London. He wanted to write a song in a bluesy style to mimic one of his musical heroes, Little Richard. That's why the track includes high-pitched singing. Paul has said in an interview that people often thought he was singing off-key by mistake, but it was all on purpose.

    "Lovely Rita"
    Some songs are inspired by seemingly mundane encounters, which is the case for "Lovely Rita." One day Paul McCartney arrived at his car to find a parking attendant writing him a ticket. McCartney noticed the attendant's name, Meta Davis, and commented how it would be a great name for a song. He went on to imagine an office worker that tries to avoid a parking ticket by seducing the parking attendant. How's that for inspiration for one of your favorite Beatles hits?

    "Eight Days A Week"
    The 1965 hit, "Eight Days A Week," came together at the spur of a moment. McCartney was being driven home in a taxi, chatting with his driver. The driver asked, "You've been busy?" To which McCartney responded, "Busy? I've been working eight days a week." Inspiration struck and he ran into the house yelling, "We've got a title!" The song was written in the next hour.

    The upbeat 1965 track actually stems from a serious moment in John Lennon's life. The singer was dealing with depression, an unhappy marriage and drug use. When Paul McCartney showed up at Lennon's house to work on a new song, Lennon wrote the words of what he was feeling—a cry for help. The two put a twist on the melancholy lyrics with an upbeat tempo.

    "Here Comes the Sun"
    Another one of your favorite Beatles hits comes from a rough patch in a band member's life. In 1969 George Harrison had quit the band temporarily and seemed lost. Harrison ran over to Eric Clapton's house for peace and quiet in the gardens. Inspired by the surprising moment of serenity, he wrote "Here Comes the Sun" while playing one of Clapton's acoustic guitars.

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