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    Top 10 Holidays in December and How to Celebrate Them

    Yes, you know about Christmas, Hanukkah and maybe even Boxing Day. But you might be surprised to discover several other fun-filled holidays to celebrate during this festive month. If your calendar isn’t already booked with parties and activities, you may want to find a way to incorporate one or more of these special days into the celebration.

    1. National Fritter Day

    Fans of fritters will be happy to know they have their own special day to celebrate. Those who haven’t eaten a fritter or don’t know what one is may want to take this day to discover the delectable treat. Fritters are fried dough or a cake with fruit or some type of meat inside. The holiday is celebrated on December 2.

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    2. Santa’s List Day

    Find out which list you’re on December 4, which celebrates Santa’s naughty or nice list. If you’ve had your eye on a new sports car or a sparkling new ring, you may still have a chance to get on Santa’s good side.

    3. National Cookie Day

    December 4 is also National Cookie Day. Since Santa loves cookies, it’s not surprising to see this one included early in the month. For those who enjoy baking, today’s the day to go crazy. And for everyone who likes to eat cookies of all flavors and designs, go ahead and indulge. Visit the Isle Casino Hotel® Bettendorf for your chance to win big and get in the holiday spirit with Rockin’ Rhonda handing out cookies from 1-4 p.m.

    4. Hanukkah

    Based on the Hebrew calendar, this Jewish holiday falls on a different day each year, but is always sometime between the end of November to late December. Hanukkah lasts for eight days and is also known as the Festival of Lights. A menorah, which is a special candleholder, holds eight candles with one being lit the first day, and one additional candle lit each day. Families play traditional games together and eat special foods.

    5. Human Rights Day

    Celebrated on December 10, this holiday has importance for people around the world. It was first instituted in 1948 by the United Nations to promote awareness of issues surrounding human rights globally. Each year features a different theme to focus on. The theme for 2015 is the Covenant of Human Rights. Many human rights’ groups use this day to draw attention to specific problems.

    6. National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

    It’s happened to everyone at some point. They receive a gift from a well-meaning grandmother, aunt or neighbor, and it’s a hideous Christmas sweater. They opened the gift and immediately thought “I’ll never wear this.” Thanks to National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, now you can. Wear it proudly when you go to work, go out for lunch, or when you try your luck at the slots. If you wear your sweater to the Isle Casino Hotel® Bettendorf on December 11 from 1-10 p.m., you'll get $5 in FanPlay®. While you’re here, you can enjoy some fabulous Christmas treats from 1-4 p.m.

    7. Go Caroling Day

    Sing your favorite Christmas carols like Jingle Bells or Walking in a Winter Wonderland with your best friends or co-workers. Caroling is an activity which has been popular for generations and can include participants of all ages and talents. Many businesses even incorporate carol singing into their holiday parties.

    8. Festivus!

    Not everyone enjoys the holiday season, but there’s even a holiday just for them. Introduced on a Seinfeld episode, this holiday is all about communicating your grievances around an aluminum pole. The episode was first aired in 1997, but the concept has continued to bring in a following. Celebrations often follow the episode and include a meal and the Feats of Strength where the head of the household must be pinned by someone of their choosing.

    9. Christmas

    Perhaps the most well-known Christian holiday of the season, Christmas is celebrated by Christians and non-Christians alike, with many traditions unique to each family. Family members give each other gifts and a special meal is usually part of the celebration. (But you already knew that, right?)

    10. Boxing Day

    Traditionally a British holiday, it’s celebrated in many countries as a day to give to the poor. Historically, merchants gave boxes with money or small items to servants and the poor. While it’s not officially celebrated in the United States, many people volunteer or give away items on this day. It’s also known as St. Stephen's Day in honor of the first Christian martyr, but often celebrated as a secular holiday by caring for the less fortunate.
    No matter where you live or your religious beliefs, you’ll find plenty of reasons to celebrate all month long in December. From the fun and frivolous to the serious side of the holidays, you can end out the year in an unforgettable way.


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