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    Why Is the Staff Dancing?

    Play More. Be Happy®. is not just the mantra at the Isle® for our guests, it also defines our staff! You may have noticed servers and dealers on the gaming floor shaking their booties and practicing their choreography. It's not just because they love their jobs or because they’re auditioning for a new reality talent show. It’s also not just because fun is contagious. The reason they've been working on their dance moves is to prepare for the company wide Play More. Be Happy. Employee Dance-off! The best part of it is… You get to help decide who wins!

    Through May and June, our staff at all of our restaurants, hotels and casinos are dusting off their cowboy hats to bust a move to "I Like It, I Love It." They'll film themselves at their boot-scooting best and upload the videos to the Isle Casinos' websites. You'll have the chance to watch all the videos of their killer steps and vote for your favorites. There are two rounds of dancing, and you will be the one to decide who you see representing each property in round two!

    Play More. Be Happy. Round One

    The first round of the dance-off will crown the undisputed dance champion of each casino. Each property will have its own page to show off the videos created by their employees. Our happy dancers at the Isle® Casino Hotel Bettendorf will put their best boots forward to get votes from friends, family, dance fans and fellow employees. Voting will be open online from May 21st to June 9th. This is your time to show your hometown pride! Our employees need your votes, and your vote will help crown the Ultimate Happy Dance Winner.

    Who's going to be your favorite dancer? Stay up-to-date on the best dance-off videos by checking out the Facebook® page of your favorite property, which will of course be Bettendorf! More information about voting and which videos are leading the pack will be posted all through May and June. You can vote once per day, so vote early, vote often and don't forget to tell members of the staff that you like it, you love it, you want some more of it!

    Play More. Be Happy. Round Two

    The winners of round one will represent their property and throw down with the winners of the other properties in round two! The top videos from each property will be posted together so fans can see them all and find their favorite. Voting will be open online from June 10th to June 30th. The Ultimate Happy Dance Champion will be crowned in July!

    Whether you're dancing, voting or just following the contest, remember the mantra: Play More. Be Happy. and be ready to have some fun!


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